All Good Things Come to an End…

… but has it to be that early?

Today is a sad day for me since my favorite webcomic Gill has gone on indefinite hiatus. I guess its creator has burned out after producing five strips per week for several months without seeing a sufficient return of investment (money, fame, whatever).

In the same breath, the website of another one of my favorites, Duxter, has been dead for several weeks now. Since I was expecting something like this might happen after the massive problems Duxter had experienced with its former host, I downloaded all comics before it went offline. If you don’t want to miss this funny comic you can download a -> zip archive of all Duxter strips <- (except for the last four or so).

Several months ago the last strip of the short-lived Whubble was put on its website, another winner of a Webcomic Beaky Award as one of the best new webcomics of 2008 (besides Sandra and Woo and One Swoop Fell).

I guess you shouldn’t take your favorite webcomics for granted. Especially if they are financially unsuccessful “by design”. That means basically any strip without hot chicks or nerdy videogame humor or ones that are not catered towards an enthusiastic niche audience. (The exceptions prove the rule.)

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