Guest strips for Sandra and Woo (1st week of October)

Sandra and Woo is looking for guest strips which shall be put on our website one week before the publication of the 100th Sandra and Woo strip in the first week of October.


We want to publish three guest strips on October 5th (Monday), 7th (Wednesday) and 9th (Friday).

You should send your finished strip to until October 3rd (Saturday).


Provided sufficient quality, the three guest strips will be shown on the main page and will then remain in the comic archive just like our own strips.

If we receive more than three guest strips of sufficient quality the additional ones will either be saved for later use or they will be posted on the “Artwork” page.


A guest strip must feature at least one of the seven main characters of Sandra and Woo listed on our “Cast” page and its content mustn’t violate the spirit of the comic (in short: pro: environmentalism, family; contra: neoliberalism, neoconservatism).

Your guest strip has to be rated PG-13 (USK-12) or less.

If you want to color your strip, you can use the color scheme used in the following pieces of artwork or this strip (note that the colors in this strip are slightly off because of the lighting conditions at dawn).


Please don’t add your own footer to the comic. I will add a standard one (including your name and website) for a consistent look. This footer will be more prominent than the one we’re usually using.

Since you are drawing the comic I don’t want to give too strict directives regarding the format, but some things would make it easier for me:

If your guest strip is drawn digitally it would be the easiest if you just send it in its original size in a lossless format (for example PNG without reduced color depth) to

If your guest strip is drawn on paper and then scanned in, you should send a cleaned-up version of reasonable size in a lossless format to The width of our normal strips (3 or 4 panels) without any white borders around them is 968 pixel, so if your strip should fill out the whole space, it has to be at least this wide. But you can always send a larger image; I will then reduce its size.

What you get

Your name and website will be put in the footer of the comic as well as in the description of the comic directly beneath it. Your website has to be rated USK-16 (suitable for teenagers) or less or it won’t be included that way. (This excludes any sort of pornographic and extremely violent content.) The website does not have to be a webcomic site but could also be a blog, gallery, etc. You can include a short description of your webcomic/website.

Don’t forget to include the url of your website in your reply.

You can expect that your guest strip will be read by more than 10,000 visitors during the first week.

Legal stuff

By submitting your guest strip, you’re giving us the right to put your comic on our website and to publish it in self-published comic books (Lulu, etc.).

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