The Webcomic List Awards 2009

The nomination period for the most important webcomic award has begun today, the The Webcomic List Awards 2009 by the webcomic directory of the same name.

The Webcomic List Awards

After the Webcartoonist’s Choice Awards got cancelled earlier this year I proposed the initiation of a new general award for webcomics at the TWCL discussion forum. I am particularly happy that we managed to keep the number of different award categories pretty low so that only the best webcomics have the chance of winning an award. Webcomics can be nominated in the following 12 categories:

  • Best Comic
  • Best Writing
  • Best Colour Art
  • Best Black and White Art
  • Best Non-Traditional Art
  • Best New Comic
  • Most Improved Comic
  • The Innovation Award
  • Best Gag-a-day
  • Best Long Form
  • Best Lead Character
  • Best Supporting Character

The categories written in bold are the categories for which I will be one of the judges. The winners of each award category will be determined by several jury members among the 5 webcomics that will have received the most nominations during the nomination period. Not everybody can nominate webcomics, though, only other webcartoonists can do that (see the details on the nomination form) to ensure that Penny Arcade won’t get the most nominations by default ;-). Since I am part of the jury, all nominations for Sandra and Woo will be discarded. So don’t bother nominating it for any category.

So if you are a webcomic creator or otherwise involved in webcomics it would be cool if you would participate in the TWCL Awards and nominate your personal favorites. Since the vote is not open to the public, every nomination has a particular strong weight and can make the difference.

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