Sandra and Woo 1: The Woo

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Woo:

Sandra and Woo 1: The Woo

The first paperback collection of Sandra and Woo, entitled The Woo, is out! It contains on 135 black and white pages:

  • All 116 strips published from 19 October 2008 to 30 November 2009
  • Up to three drafts of each strip
  • Several other sketches, for example the first drafts of Shadow and Sid
  • All the artwork that has been created for the store, the image Lazy Summer Day is printed in color on the back
  • The one pager Monkey Facts
  • Six Full page versions (in landscape format) of the six visually most impressive single panels
  • The script which was written for the strip Moms in Black

Generally, we tried to stuff all the images related to Sandra and Woo that we found on our hard drives into the book, so that nobody can complain that the book does not contain enough content ;-).

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The “unique selling point” 😉 of the anthology are certainly the drafts of each strip. Even for me, it is often quite interesting to compare them with the final strips:

Sandra and Woo 1: The Woo, Pages 44 and 45

Pages 44 and 45

Sandra and Woo 1: The Woo, Pages 44 and 45

Pages 60 and 61

  • If you like the cover, it is also available as a poster (and on some other products, for example on a mousepad) in our store! Of course without the captions.

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