Action figures, our first book and a dream

I got these self-made action figures of Sandra holding Woo and Cloud from a very special fan for Christmas, my mom ;):

Action figures of Sandra and Woo and Cloud

Yesterday, my copy of the final version of our first print collection “The Woo” arrived as well. I’m very happy with the quality of the cover and the black areas. I was a bit concerned about the latter, but everything looks really nice. Only the paper could be a little bit thicker but that would have been considerably more expensive. If you look at the photo, please be aware that – in the photo – the sketches on the left side look like they are printed in black too, although they are actually printed in a dark shade of gray.

Photo of the cover of Sandra and Woo 1: The Woo Photo of the pages 54 and 55 of Sandra and Woo 1: The Woo

In completely unrelated news, I experienced a stirring dream sequence moments before waking up this morning. The life of a young woman was flashing before my eyes. The sequence was similar to the fast cut scenes you can see in some movies, but the feeling was much more intensive; all her emotions during the most important moments of her life were mine as well. I wish you could somehow record dreams, that one would have been worth watching again several times.

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