Since nobody seems to use our forums, are there any questions about Sandra and Woo you always wanted to ask but never bothered to register for?

Well, maybe you want to have at least a look at (and even contribute to) the thread about really funny or cool strips from other (web)comics.

I also wanted to let you know that I have already written all the strips until the second week of March. Since many readers voted in our poll that they prefer longer stories to single strips, most of you should be pleased that the next two story arcs will start almost immediately after the end of the current one.

And let’s not forget:

Happy new year!

Here are my – not too ambitious 😉 – resolutions for the new year regarding Sandra and Woo:

  • Don’t get killed in a car crash so that I can continue writing Sandra and Woo.
  • Don’t do something so stupid that Powree will <smeagol-voice>leave and never come back</smeagol-voice>.

Yes, that’s it pretty much since I believe that Sandra and Woo is already on a very good track and not much should be changed. Of course three updates a week would be neat, but that’s unrealistic considering the complexity of many strips that have been and will be published.

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