[0129] Love Is… Ten Ogre Heads

[0129] Love Is… Ten Ogre Heads

The current story arc started with this strip: Two Pieces of Cake.

The title of today’s strip is a spoof of the newspaper comic strip Love is…. It is disgustingly sweet and I can’t imagine the havoc that would ensue if Larisa would somehow manage to take it over. 😉

Yay, two strips in one! That’s not something one manages to do often, so it’s one of my favorite Sandra and Woo strips so far.

I think the message of the “Woo part” of this strip is clear:

  • Never start a land war in Russia Afghanistan Russia or Afghanistan.
  • Never start a fight with a raccoon.

Usually raccoons are not aggressive; they are rather uncommonly relaxed for wild carnivores. There are several videos on YouTube like this one of drunks who are poking a raccoon with a stick or doing similar stupid stuff and the raccoon is just looking at them funny and then walking away. But when they fight, they fight. They are not only known for their vicious bites, but also for their exceptional pain resistance. For example a pet raccoon was apparently not bothered at all by these wounds and blisters on his super-sensitive paws. So don’t forget to tell your cats and dogs: Starting a fight with a raccoon = very bad idea. 😉

PeTA probably doesn’t approve of this strip. 😀

  • Cloud: So these earrings are your “most precious thing”, eh? But what about boys named after rpg heroes? Do they come a close second?
  • Sandra: ’Course not, silly. Mean Larisa kissers take eighth place at best.
  • Cloud: Hmm, any suggestions how they could improve their rank?
  • Sandra: Rumor has it that they’re able to climb several places by giving Sandra an apology kiss.
  • Cloud: I see. But is that worth yet another cootie infection? They’d certainly prefer to bring you ten ogre heads or something…
  • Sandra: CLOUD!
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