[0149] Woo Jumps To A Conclusion, Part 2

[0149] Woo Jumps To A Conclusion, Part 2

The current story arc started with this strip: Unfavorable Comparison.

This strip also contains a reference to the strip Woo Jumps to a Conclusion. Tibor (I changed his name, which has not yet been mentioned in the strip itself, by the way.) was first seen in the strip Reliable Sources and then again in Friend and Foe. He really has a (bad) habit of popping in right out of the blue.

To be continued, of course.

I think some of you should be more selective with upvoting comments. There have been lots of highlighted comments on the last couple of strips. That makes it harder for other readers to detect comments with really interesting information or funny remarks.

  • Woo: Nothing could ruin this moment.
  • Woo: I stand corrected… … again.
  • Tibor: How are you, Lily?
  • Lily: Fine.
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