Poll results (Part 1 of 3)

Since 1 February 2009, 26 different polls have been running on Sandra and Woo for several months each. All of them got several hundred votes and I think it’s now time to present the results. Because of the large number of polls, there will be three separate news entries for it.

There are now six new poll which appear randomly in the right sidebar.

Here are the first ten polls:

Poll from 1 February 2009:

Poll Nr. 1

Almost 50 % of our readers preferred an extra strip to colored strips or a wallpaper.

Poll from 14 February 2009:

Poll Nr. 2

Our readers preferred to read more stories about Cloud and Larisa. I’m sure they are happy with respect to the large amount of strips featuring these two characters that haven been published during the last months.

Poll from 28 March 2009:

Poll Nr. 3

Our readers expressed great interest in merchandising articles, but the designs we came up with subsequently did apparently not suit their taste. (We sold a few t-shirts with the “Food Chain” artwork on it, but not much of anything else.)

Poll from 22 June 2009:

Poll Nr. 4

Most of our readers are between 15 and 30 years old which is not surprising for a webcomic.

Poll from 23 June 2009:

Poll Nr. 5

Although the main character of our webcomic is a girl, less than one fourth of our readers is female.

Poll from 23 June 2009:

Poll Nr. 6

Suprisingly, 60 % of our readers like story-based comics the most, and only 9 % gag-a-day strips. Since Sandra and Woo currently makes use of mostly unconnected short story arcs, the readers who expressed no preference are probably the happiest regarding the current state of the comic.

Poll from 23 June 2009:

Poll Nr. 7

40 % of our readers follow between 4 and 12 webcomics. But there are also 22 % heavy users who read 30 webcomics or more.

Poll from 6 August 2009:

Poll Nr. 8

I think people who drew or still draw (web-)comics were more inclined to answer this poll. Nonetheless, the big amount of readers who expressed some interest in starting a webcomic of their own is surprising. Well, let’s just say that it’s a lot of work and most webcomics don’t live to see their first birthday…

Poll from 12 November 2009:

Poll Nr. 9

Cloud and Larisa are very popular among our readers which also justified their recent promotion to main characters. Shadow got a surprising number of votes, though, considering the small amount of strips he appeared in.

Poll from 12 November 2009:

Poll Nr. 10

This poll result clearly shows that the comment section is not always to be trusted. The story about Larisa’s “drug problem” was certainly the one that received the most negative comments of all these story arcs, but it also got by far the most votes as the best storyline up to this point.

I think it’s nice that even the least favorite story arc still got 7 % of all votes.

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