Poll results (Part 2 of 3)

Here is the second part of my presentation of the results of the polls at Sandra and Woo. The first part was posted on Sunday.

Poll from 13 November 2009:

Poll Nr. 11

The result of this poll is very similar to the one of the previous poll whether our readers prefer story-based (which also got 60 % of all votes) or gag-a-day comics.

Poll from 6 January 2010:

Poll Nr. 12

My personal ranking is: 1. Up, 2. WALL-E, 3. The Incredibles, 4. Ratatouille, 5. Toy Story 2, 6. Monsters, Inc., and Cars at the last place. So I have almost the same taste as our readers. I think WALL-E may be better for repeated watching (I’ve seen it four times now), but Up blew me totally away when I was watching it for the first time.

Poll from 6 January 2010:

Poll Nr. 13

My personal favorite is Over the Hedge, but Kung Fu Panda was also very entertaining and marvelously animated. I think Shrek 2 should have gotten even less votes. It was a decent movie, but lacked the soul of most other animated movies by Pixar or Dreamworks. Shark Tale was a major disappointment.

Poll from 6 January 2010:

Poll Nr. 14

I thought that “Western cartoony” would receive the most votes, but manga is quite popular among our readers.

Poll from 6 January 2010:

Poll Nr. 15

The vast majority of our readers still reads newspaper comics, but not as many as webcomics when compared to the results of our previous poll about webcomic readership.

Poll from 6 April 2010:

Poll Nr. 16

Once again our readership proves to have almost the same taste as myself. I have not played 6, but my personal ranking apart from this is completely the same: 7 > 9 > 10 > 8 > 12… well, 8 and 10 are pretty much on the same level.

Poll from 6 April 2010:

Poll Nr. 17

Our readers are really not into autobiographical comics or crime thrillers. I’m a bit surprised by the low number of votes for school-based comics considering the large number of readers that are still going to high-school. Fantasy proves once again to be a very popular topic for webcomics, even among the readership of a comic strip which certainly does not belong to this genre.

Poll from 6 April 2010:

Poll Nr. 18

Sandra and Woo has a nice mixture of regular and new readers.

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