[0243] Matchbox Cars And Quantum Physics

[0243] Matchbox Cars And Quantum Physics

This strip is based on a post by lifeform7 about his 5 year old daughter on Reddit. I liked her line so much that I wanted to make a comic strip out of it. I asked lifeform7 for their permission and offered to buy his daughter a gift at Amazon.com. I received the following reply:

my daughter would love it if you used our dialogue, and would appreciate a donation in her name. she likes helping children, […]

Since I’m now finally having a well-paid job, I think I should give a fair share of my money to those who are living in less fortunate conditions. As you may know I’m particularly concerned about the situation of the Burmese people. Therefore I want to support the German division Helfen ohne Grenzen e.V. of the charity Help without Frontiers on a regular basis from now on. This charity helps Burmese refugees in Thailand, for example by operating hospitals or schools. I will donate them €50 every month starting this month, as long as I’m able to afford this.

  • David: I don’t understand this stuff. If the universe is everything, how can it be expanding? Like… what’s past the edge of the Universe?
  • Yuna: I know, Dad! I know!
  • David: Come again?
  • Yuna: Past the edge of the Universe is everything that hasn’t happened yet!
  • David: Our daughter is a genius.
  • Ye Thuza: I’m afraid of that too. Last week I caught her re-enacting the double-slit experiment with Cloud’s old Matchbox cars.
  • Caption: Based on a true story.
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