[0319] Larisa Is Not Aware Of The Ladder Theory

[0319] Larisa Is Not Aware Of The Ladder Theory

The current story arc started with this comic: Irrhetorical Question.

Thanks to the Twitter user Durnakans who provided the French translation of Theo’s dialog in the last panel.

Only -1 for craziness. I’m not sure about that…

  • Theo: You just landed on top of Larisa’s “friends ladder”. And since Larisa is a 9…
  • Benjamin: 10 for attractiveness, -1 for craziness.
  • Theo: … you’ll never be able to jump over to her “real ladder”.
  • Landon: That makes sense. But I wasn’t exactly expecting a French kiss from Larisa for my help.
  • Larisa: I got a B-!! Wheee, thanks so much!! Would you like a little thank-you kiss?
  • Landon: Uhm, yes?
  • Larisa: Would you like some more thank-you kisses?
  • Landon: Glurk.
  • Larisa: Come on then, let’s go to my place!
  • Caption: The next day.
  • Benjamin: Do you still need somebody to study with for the French test next week?
  • Larisa: ?
  • Theo: N’écoute pas ce perdant! J’ai eu un A+ au dernier test. Viens étudier avec moi!
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