Poll results (Part 1 of 2)

Since 4 September 2010, 14 different polls have been running on Sandra and Woo. All of them got several hundred votes and it’s time to present the results. Because of the large number of polls, there will be two separate news entries for it. The second one will be posted on Wednesday.

There are also four new poll which appear randomly in the right sidebar.

Here are the first eight polls:

Poll from 4 September 2010:

Poll Nr. 27

My personal list looks about the same. The treasure hunt story worked well overall and the next two stories contained some of the funniest strips.

Poll from 4 September 2010:

Poll Nr. 28

I’m not really surprised that Ye Thuza was voted as the most popular minor character. However, I believe that such a poll is always skewed in favor of characters that appeared prominently in several of the last strips, especially if they were particularly funny.

Poll from 4 September 2010:

Poll Nr. 29

Woo is the most popular character. Unfortunately he’s also the character who’s the hardest to write, so I’m not able to make him appear more often. Sandra, Cloud and Larisa received almost the same amount of votes. I think it’s a really good thing when none of your main characters is significantly less liked than the others.

Poll from 4 September 2010:

Poll Nr. 30

Although most of our readers prefer story comics to gag-a-day comics (see previous polls), they prefer story arcs in Sandra and Woo that are not overly long.

Poll from 4 September 2010:

Poll Nr. 31

70% of all voters would miss the comment section. Although I’m not very fond of it, this is one of the main reasons the comment section is still available.

Poll from 4 September 2010:

Poll Nr. 32

An article (series) about raccoons would probably find its readers, but it better be funny. Since I now write two comics (besides my day job as software developer), I have not yet found the time to work on it.

Poll from 20 February 2011:

Poll Nr. 33

The old toolbar with buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. was very unpopular so I immediately removed it. The new toolbar seems to be used much more often.

Poll from 20 February 2011:

Poll Nr. 34

A majority of our readers prefers an additional strip per week to two colored ones. At the moment this seems out of the question since I’m already glad to be able to come up with enough ideas for two strips a week.

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