No important message from Sandy South

Yesterday, I prepared the message from Sandy South you can read below. But sometimes things don’t turn out as expected. I thought Sandra and Woo’s next opponent in the 2013 Webcomics Tournament at ComicMix would be Manly Guys Doing Manly Things since it won the popular vote by a wide margin against Commander Kitty. But one or more die-hard fans of Commander Kitty bought so many additional votes that it actually won. I think being able to buy some votes for your favorite comic was a nice idea (the revenues go to a charity), but if the end result is just dependent on how much money the fans of the comic have, the complete idea of voting goes out of the window.

Vote for Sandra and Woo if you think it deserves to win, but I would have preferred a contest without the ability to buy votes.

Sandy South“I’ve been observing the suspect for quite some time. In the 2013 Webcomics Tournament at ComicMix, he already managed to knock out three opponents, Buffersafe, Axe Cop and Paranatural. I’m positive that they’ll need a whole year to recover from the knockout. I’m talking, of course, of the online comic Sandra and Woo. In the round of 16, he now faces the most dangerous competitor so far, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. Still, Sandra and Woo seems to be the favorite in this fight to the death. But only if he manages to acquire the votes of all his loyal supporters again. I just hope they understand that the stakes couldn’t be higher for Sandra and Woo.

The Empress of Northia seems to be quite fond of the suspect as well and charged me with the acquisition of a flashy wallpaper if he should continue to stir up the competition.”

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