[0531] The Special One (Climbing Route)

[0531] The Special One (Climbing Route)

There is an alternative version (regarding Woo’s last word bubble) for mathematician and other scientists!

I have posted the results of some of our latest polls.

There are now also four new polls in the voting widget in the right sidebar:

  • Which of the following story arcs did you like the most?
  • How many different video games (including PC games and online games) do you play?
  • Do you prefer single strips or strips that are part of a longer story arc?
  • Who is your favorite main character?
  • Woo: Butterfly is a raccoon. And she climbs. Better than any raccoon before! Last year she discovered a new route near Beech Valley, The Special One. Now she wants to send it.
  • Woo: The lower part of the route consists of a toppled beech tree whose mighty trunk is even smoother than that of the infamous Professor!
  • Woo: The upper part consists of an exhausting cliff face. It seems to require moves impossible for any animal smaller than a human!
  • Woo: But the crux is the jump from the tree to the cliff. The climber has to turn around mid-air and get hold of a hole that’s smaller than a keyhole with his claw! Squirrels had a try at this jump and failed!
  • Sandra: Wow, that sounds impressive!
  • Woo: Yes. It’s as if a human were to… hmm…
  • Woo: … calculate all possible moves in chess!
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