Interview with our reader Birone

Here is a new interview about Sandra and Woo with one of the Sandra and Woo fans that received a poster package, our reader


Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

> Hello all! My name is Willie and I’m from Ireland; some people know me online as Birone. I’m a fan of tunes and toons! I also drew some fanart of Sandra and Woo which you can see in the Artwork section.

When you read Sandra and Woo for the first time, what grabbed your attention the most?

> By pure chance I discovered the comic just as it was starting off in 2008. It had about six or seven strips under its belt at the time. Earlier that year I was getting into webcomics. Sandra and Woo shared that same vibe that I liked from other comics such as Ozy and Millie, and Calvin and Hobbes which is what hooked me in.

Is the thing you mentioned above still your favorite part of the comic, or do you like something else the most now?

> Oh yeah. Despite the characters’ ages, they’re wise beyond their years.

Who is your favorite character and why?

> I’ve always liked animals so naturally my favourite would be Woo. (Guess it must be from growing up on a diet of Disney and Looney Tunes!) Cloud would be a close second. Oh, and for what it’s worth, Ye Thuza is pretty awesome. Just wanted to throw that out there, haha!

Do you have a favorite story arc and/or a favorite single strip?

> The plotline on how Woo and Lily first meet was very sweet. And the noir-flavoured Sandy South plotline was enjoyable. Noir is something I’ve been getting into now, so it’s always great to see others try their hand at that style.

You have read Sandra and Woo for many years now. Do you think the comic has changed in any way since the beginning?

> Oh yes, definitely. Looking at the art style from the early days and seeing how it evolves throughout is worth mentioning. So props to Powree for the fine art! *Thumbs up!*

Sandra and Woo is sometimes criticized for lacking focus. Is there an aspect of the comic that you’d rather get rid of?

> Tough question. Hmm, maybe making sure story arcs don’t go on for too long? Don’t fret too much about it. Just go do that voodoo that you do so well!

Is there a topic you’d like to see getting addressed in a longer story arc?

> Hmm, nothing springs to mind right now. As long as it’s a good story that’s told well that’s the main thing!

What are your wishes for the future of Sandra and Woo?

> That it becomes more and more successful, really.

Is there any other webcomic which you’d like to recommend to our readers?

Questionable Content, xkcd, Kevin and Kell, Luke Surl. Obvious ones, yeah, but they’re all good!

Do you have anything else do say? Here’s room for it:

> Thanks for making this wonderful comic. Long may it continue.

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