Poll results

From 29 August 2014 to 24 January 2015, the following five polls ran on Sandra and Woo. All of them received over 2,500 votes and it’s time to present the results.

Poll from 29 August 2014:

Poll Nr. 71

PC Master Race reporting in!

Poll from 29 August 2014:

Poll Nr. 72

Our readers do not often go to the cinema. Only 6% go to the cinema more than a dozen times per year. I also prefer watching movies on my large TV set now where I don’t have to watch any ads and I can be sure that there’s no one ruining the movie by constantly talking or something like that.

Poll from 29 August 2014:

Poll Nr. 73

Interestingly, the result of this poll seems to clash a bit with the result of the previous one. Although many of our readers don’t go to the cinema very often, they still like the experience.

Poll from 3 November 2014:

Poll Nr. 74

Now, this bunch of story arcs surely contained some controversial material. Well, the story featuring Butterfly didn’t actually contain offensive material, but generally many comic readers don’t like it when a long story arc is focused on a minor character and the main characters don’t appear at all for several weeks. I’m not surprised that Larisa’s story received the most votes, but I am a little surprised that the Cinderella story arc only received 5% of the votes. I think it was a funny and innovative story.

Poll from 3 November 2014:

Poll Nr. 75

The result of this poll is interesting. “Medium rare” received 28% of the votes, “Medium well done” received 15% of the votes, but “Medium” reveived only 14% of the votes. I like my steaks “medium rare” as well if the quality of the meat is really good. But I had to experience that there’s a good chance that they just turn out too raw for my taste if I order them like that, so I usually order them “medium”.

There are now five new polls that appear randomly in the right sidebar:

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  • Which way do you find most new webcomics that you read (semi-)regularly?
  • Did you prefer the American pic or the Russian pic in December’s strip “Propaganda” featuring Larisa?
  • Harry Potter should have married […]?
  • Which is your favorite type of media?

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