The Webcomic Hunger Games: Day 6

“Good evening, dear spectators. I hope you’re all ready for the final days of this year’s edition of the Hunger Games, featuring many of your favorite webcomic characters! I certainly am! Claudius, what about you?”

“I’m more than ready, Caesar! And I’m really looking forward to seeing if underdog Woo, who killed District 11’s Lilith yesterday, can actually win the Games. During the last days, this little rascal stabbed and strangled himself into the hearts of many spectators, mine included.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Night 5

“Aww, it always warms my heart when an old alliance like that between Woo and Edmund lasts until the last days of the Games.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Day 6

“That’s it, folks! The winner of this year’s Hunger Games is Woo!!”

“It couldn’t have ended any other way.”

“Indeed, Claudius, indeed.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Fallen Tributes 6

“I wonder if Rocky could have defeated Woo in a good clean fight to the death.”

“Unfortunately, we’ll never know.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: The Winner

“District 4 must be extremely proud of their winner. I’ve never seen a more worthy winner in the history of the Games than Woo.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: The Placements

“This is insane, Caesar! Woo killed six tributes and caused Nin Wah’s suicide, while all the other tributes combined only killed three!”

“I can only hope I’ll never have to face this killing machine myself. I’d probably die from just looking at him.”

“Me too, Caesar, me too.”

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Summary

The Webcomic Hunger Games: Statistics

“I am Caesar Flickerman…”

“… and I’m Claudius Templesmith…”

“… and we hope all of you enjoyed this year’s Hunger Games!”

“See you again next year! Goodbye!”

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