Sandra and Woo adventure has been released!

To make it short: The Sandra and Woo adventure game developed by Feline Fuelled Games has just been released!

GET THE GAME ON Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure on Steam

In the game, Sandra and Woo get sucked into a medieval gaming world. Now they must find a way back home before it’s game over for them! Our classical point-and-click adventure comes with a playing time of more than 10 hours and a full voice-over!

The game is currently available for Windows PCs, but a Linux version will follow in the near future.

The lead developer of the game was no other than my mother, Ute Knörzer. Unfortunately, the development of the game was troubled at times. Only a few months after the beginning, the team’s lead artist “Chereck” died due to a severe illness. As if wasn’t enough, my mother also had to take care of my ill grandmother for a very long time. Because of this, we’re rather happy that we didn’t create a Kickstarter campaign for the game since we would have passed all deadlines and generated a lot of bad blood.

Screenshot from Sandra and Woo in The Cursed Adventure Screenshot from Sandra and Woo in The Cursed Adventure

We hope that all of you will enjoy the Sandra and Woo game!

My personal favorites in the game were Larisa, because of her very good voice artist, and F1, because he/it was friggin’ funny.

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