Beware of Rice Digital!

Think twice before buying anything from Rice Digital, a store for Japanese video games! I bought the “Steins; Gate 0 Amadeus Edition” from them. The extras are quite neat, however the gaming disc was missing in the box. Something like that can happen, I guess. However, they subsequently ignored all my emails to their support email address. What kind of customer service is that?

I guess I now have to search eBay for used versions of a PlayStation 4 gaming disc of “Steins; Gate 0” since I certainly won’t give this dishonest business any more money! (The publisher PQube was also unhelpful.)

Update [6 June 2017]: All right. Finally, someone from Rice Digital talked to me on Facebook and they’re now sending me a disc.

This is really a common problem in today’s world of business. Many companies offer very good products and services. But better pray to God that nothing goes wrong. Because in that case, it will often be an absolute pain in the ass until the issue gets resolved. Nobody is quite as bad as internet service providers in this regard, of course.

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