Artist wanted

I think I have found a great artist for my webcomic project: Powree. Since there are currently no problems regarding the discussion of the details, you should probably not apply anymore.

Some of you may already wait for my reply to their application e-mail. The point is that I’ve already gotten around 45 applications and most of them are really worth considering. It’s fantastic that there is so much interest, but it’s also giving me quite a headache to make up my mind and not to say prematurely “No.” to someone who might have been the perfect choice. So please don’t expect to get an answer to your application before the weekend.

This does not mean that applications are already closed, just that I have already gotten more than I’ve ever imagined.

As you may know I am looking for an artist for an online comic strip called “Sandra and Woo”. Here are the details:


“Sandra and Woo” is a webcomic about the adventures of the girl Sandra and her pet raccoon Woo. It is joke- and not a story-driven and similar to classic newspaper strips featuring cartoon animals. It will, however, contain material which is not appropriate for extremely prude American newspaper readers. For example, it will contain the words sex, damn, shit and crap. While most strips are just supposed to be funny and/or whimsical (with a hint of surrealism every now and then), there will also be strips dealing with more serious issues like the destruction of the environment or the erosion of civil liberties. In the most funny way possible.

The webcomic will be published in English and German. The German website will go online soon.

The comic strip has a cast consisting of humans and animals. All animals walk on two legs as well as on four legs (like Garfield and Snoopy), so their anatomy has to work for both movement methods (with slight adjustments).

Please do not apply if you hate animals, especially if you do not like raccoons, foxes and squirrels.


The style of the webcomic should be similar to that of “Calvin and Hobbes”. This includes:

  • black lines on white background, without sharp contrasts or edges like in the “Sin City” comics
  • “cute”-looking characters
  • varying viewpoints and not two heads talking to each other in every panel
  • basic or even pretty backgrounds if needed

Comic strips with a style which I would consider similar are for example “Ozy and Millie” (oldest, older, current style), the very well drawn “Croaker’s Gorge”, and, more or less, “Staccato”.

If you apply with an ultra-realistic superhero comic as reference, I will most likely ask you to show one or two examples drawn in the described style, so that I can make an informed decision.

Drawing process

You will get a detailed description for every panel. If there are any uncertainties, I will provide a sketch of the panel (or the whole strip) in addition to the dialog and the description of the scenario.

  • Have a look at six strip ideas.
  • Have a look at some of my sketches: [1], [2].

The strips should be inked, but very clean pencil drawings are okay, too. Coloring is not required. I will do the lettering for the strips with a comic font myself (in English and German). So you only have to draw the speech bubbles and take care of providing enough free space for the text. The format for most strips will be the classic four panel layout, but there are also plans for some larger strips or strips in an unusal format.

It is not required to draw the strip with pencil and/or ink; digital is okay, too. However, the former would allow us to sell originals. (more about copyright and payment below)

An internal forum exists which will be used for all discussions about individual strips or more general topics between the writer and the artist.

Update schedule

“Sandra and Woo” is supposed to be updated twice per week, so you could either do the work part-time during the week, or wait some weeks and then draw, say, six strips at once. (Deadlines have to be met either way.)

Please include in your application if you could draw three strips per week (sometimes or always) as well.

Please be aware that this is a long-term commitment. You should be able to work on the webcomic for at least one year. It would be really bad if I would have to look for another artist just a few months later. I have already written material for several dozen strips, including longer storylines, but most strip ideas are not yet fully fleshed out.

It is also expected that you show some interest in the success of the webcomic, for example by including links in your profiles or delivering artwork which can be used for wallpapers or, if the comic should be successful, merchandising stuff.

Payment, revenues and copyright

You should be able to produce artwork of at least “(semi-)professional” quality compared to other popular comic strips. I can pay around $25 for an “average” strip. (Of course, I would like to spend less. ;-)) This amount may vary with the complexity of each strip, which is negotiable. This amount may vary with the terms regarding revenues, which are negotiable. Fantastic artists may ask for more, but over a certain maximum even the best artwork won’t help anymore. That is, if your last name does not start with Watter and does not end with son in which case I would clear out my bank account ;). Artists lacking sophisticated drawing skills may increase their chance by saying “I’d do it for $x.” with x < 25.

You will be paid in advance for the next 4 strips, except for the first 4 strips, where I will pay after delivery or in advance for the next single strip. (You can decide about that.)

You will also get a share of all revenues over a certain threshold to cover hosting and advertising costs. (I *know* that there will be most likely none worth mentioning, but still…) Both amounts are negotiable. At least $25 will be spend each month for advertising, most likely using the ad provider Project Wonderful.

You will have to transfer all exploitation rights of your artwork and all characters you draw and will only receive royalities when selling originals (if done in traditional media). You have to understand that it would be beyond frustrating for me, if you would say something like: “I don’t want to draw your stupid comic anymore… and since I am the creator of the characters x and y I also ban you from using them ever again.” However, the exact specifics about selling originals are negotiable and will most likely contain a paragraph to prevent selling originals one party does not want to sell.


Still interested? Great! Write me an e-mail with (links to) your reference work and other information about yourself I might find interesting to with the subject “Artist for Sandra and Woo”. I will not make a final decision before 19 October, so you have some time to think about it.