Sandra and Woo: Let's Go Exploring

Sandra and Woo artwork by Powree

Wallpapers of the picture above and most of the following pictures are available on the exclusive page for donators:

The following images were drawn by Powree for the winners (Stella Loomis, AmbiValent and Brandon Maus) of our puzzle contest in the strip A Challenging Comic:

Comics by Powree

The short comic A Day to Remember was created by Powree for a painting challenge of the Indonesian art community website IndoCG. Novil rewrote large parts of the dialog.

The short comic 5 cm retells an episode of the Indonesian novel 5 cm. The comic was created by Powree (characters, shading) and BeatusVir (backgrounds, coloration) for a local comic contest and made it into the final round. Novil helped with the English translation.


Guest strips / Guest art



(including comics by readers not created to be used as guest strips)

Fanart contest 2011

Fanart contest 2012

Fanart contest 2013

Fanart contest 2014

You can find all submissions in the following three blog posts:


Other artwork by other artists

The following pictures were drawn by artists who were interested in drawing Sandra and Woo when I was looking for an artist: