The Red Hall 003

  • Lilith: ……
  • Lilith: Soooo… do you want anything in particular?
  • Alissa: Don’t tell me you can’t read minds?
  • Lilith: Not yet. But I’m working on it!
  • Alissa: On second thought, you may not want to read the minds of all those men who see your charming visage and well-shaped body…
  • Lilith: …? ………ewwww.
  • Ilias: … I… just wanted to wish you the best of luck for our finals tomorrow.
    And you too, Alissa.
  • Lilith: Thank you, Ilias.
  • Ilias: Alright, then, uhm… bye until tomorrow.
  • Lilith: Bye! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too!
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