The Red Hall 005

  • Ilias: Am I supposed to finish the course on my own tomorrow!?
  • Ryn: Don’t worry. Hel said I’d be fine as long as I brought him the registration form before six o’clock.
  • Ilias: Then let’s not lose any more time!
  • Caption: A short run and a long dressing down later.
  • Ryn: What were you doing in Lili’s room anyway?
  • Ilias: I was just wishing her luck for tomorrow.
  • Ryn: I understand. You’re still trying to hook up with her, eh?
  • Ilias: … You can’t say it li–
  • Ryn: No, really. I totally understand! I’d leave my beloved Sarah for Lili!
  • Ilias: How can you say something like that?!
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