The Red Hall 009

  • Sandril: Hail, Ilias. Want to learn a couple of new tricks by watching two masters of swordsmanship?
  • Ilias: I see only one master of swordsmanship… Faye!
  • Ilias: And anyway, Sandril, isn’t it a little late to practice for the finals?
  • Sandril: I’m just killing some time.
  • Ilias: Probably the only thing you’ll ever kill with a technique like that.
  • Sandril: Ahh, the envy in your words! It’s music to my ears!
  • Ilias: You’re such an arrogant prig, Sandril. What’s Lili seeing in you? Tell me.
  • Sandril: Integrity! Bravery! Good looks! All things you only know from hearsay, of course.
  • Ilias: You really take after your father, eh?
  • Sandril: YOU! TAKE! THAT! BACK!
  • Faye Galitas: Boys! Don’t fight with words! Fight with potentially deadly weapons!
  • Ilias: These are training swords, not “potentially deadly weapons”.
  • Faye Galitas: No sassy back talk! Or you’ll get points off tomorrow!
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