The Red Hall 010

  • Sandril: The loser has to kiss the hand of the winner. Deal?
  • Ilias: Deal.
  • Sandril: I’ve figured out what you’re up to, Ilias.
  • Ilias: You have? What am I up to, then?
  • Sandril: You want to tease me until I lose my temper. You want me to reveal my foul character in front of Lilith and the whole world.
  • Ilias: Lili is a clever girl. She’ll find out for herself sooner rather than later.
  • Sandril: You want me to lose myself and succumb to the temptation of the Darkness, while you’re hailed as the big hero!
  • Ilias: Now you’re becoming overly melodramatic.
  • Sandril: And in the end, I’ll have nothing. And you everything. Just like in a bad novel by Milo Salandor.
  • Ilias: Milo’s novels are great! All of them!
  • Sandril: But I say to you…
  • Ilias: What?
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