The Red Hall 016

The Red Hall is the main meeting place of the Academy.

  • Hel Rekdal: Dear students, today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, the day of the final exams!
  • Ryn: Finally! I’ve been as excited as a little kid on the eve of Nevermoon!
  • Ilias: Quiet!
  • Hel Rekdal: Together with your fellow, you’ll have to prove your fighting skills and magic knowledge in various tests. Faye and Ars will tell you everything you need to know before each test.
  • Hel Rekdal: On behalf of all the tutors, I want to wish you the best of luck. As graduates of the most prestigious school of Gaia, all doors will be open to you.
  • Ryn: But unfortunately not the one to Lili’s bedroom, huh? Huuuh!?
  • Ilias: After the exams, I’ll kill you. I promise.
  • Ryn: Never promise what you can’t deliver.
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