The Red Hall 024

  • Ilias: Isn’t it a little early for lunch?
  • Ars: No, no, no. It’ll never be too early for lunch! Ars will have it right after your test.
  • Ars: Alas! Will you have a look at the mess your predecessors will leave!?
  • Ilias: We’re happy to wait until you’ve tidied up.
  • Ars: No, no, no. While Ars will tidy up, you’ll do another part of the exams.
  • Ilias: What should we do?
  • Ars: Will you see this dummy? It’ll be protected by a large number of protective spells. Ars will give you ten minutes to bring him the wands with the correct reversal spells.
  • Ryn: Which spells are available?
  • Ars: All of them.
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