The Red Hall 025

  • Caption: 9 minutes 30 seconds later.
  • Ryn: I’ve got the feeling that the distortion of the magic waves is caused by a backscatter spell.
  • Ilias: Vaal’s Manifold Dispersion?
  • Ryn: No way! See these green sparkles? They’d glimmer in all colors of the rainbow if one of Vaal’s dispersion spells were involved.
  • Ilias: You’re right… Damn, we’re running out of time!
  • Ryn: Wait! I’ve got it!! It’s Llyra’s Wave Warp!
  • Ilias: Yes! That’s it!
  • Ilias: Here’s our choice.
  • Ars: Hmm…
  • Ars: Hmmmmm…
  • Ars: 6 out of 10 points.
  • Ilias: Oh well.
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