The Red Hall 028

  • Caption: 10:37 a.m.
  • Ars: The first test will be very easy. All you’ll have to do is to tell Ars the name of the spell which he’ll cast. Will you be ready?
  • Lilith: Yes.
  • Lilith: Catherine’s Dancing Lights, version four.
  • Ars: Correct. But the second spell won’t be that easy!
  • Lilith: Ragnald’s variant of Isaac’s Lesser Time Dilatation.
  • Ars: What? … How?! Ars won’t even start….
  • Lilith: I could already feel the disruption of the Bluestream by your spell.
  • Ars: Ten points.
  • Ars: Next, you’ll have to remove a couple of protection spells. Please follow me.
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