The Red Hall 030

In the last panel of page 25, Ars now says “6 out of 10 points” to prevent confusion.

  • Alissa: Lili, did you notice the backscatter–
  • Alissa: What’s that supposed to be?
  • Lilith: Our choice.
  • Alissa: Lili, this is Energy Balls.
  • Ars: And this will be Wave Shield, a rarely used, but simple protection spell
  • Ars: Ars won’t find this joke very funny and will deduct two points for it.
  • Lilith: It’s not a joke. These two spells will break the barrier.
  • Alissa: Lili!
  • Lilith: Let me explain.
  • Ars: Ars will be curious.
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