The Red Hall 033

  • Alissa: I can’t believe you messed up the dragon’s breath potion.
  • Lilith: Alchemy’s never been my specialty. 41 out of 40 points in total is still a solid result, I think…
  • Alissa: “Solid”…
  • Alissa: A few weeks ago, there was a list of the 10 most powerful wizards of Cania in the Aracona Times. I believe you belong at position 8.
  • Lilith: I’m not interested in entering a contest about who can cast the largest fireball.
  • Lilith: But great power also brings many possibilities. There’s only so much you can do to serve Gaia as a… … I dunno… bookkeeper.
  • Alissa: I’m sure you’ll serve Gaia superbly.
  • Lilith: I’m afraid I’ll have to soon. Something’s going on. The Bluestream feels different. Stronger.
  • Alissa: It’s getting stronger? Isn’t that good news?
  • Lilith: We’ll see.
  • Theodor Mathur: HELP! Is anybody there?
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