The Red Hall 035

  • Ryn: Why not? You were the second-best graduate this year. Now you can get any job you want … And any girl!
  • Ilias: “Except for one.”
  • Ryn: “Don’t be so picky!”
  • Ryn: Besides, Lili’s gonna stay in Aracona for sure. That means you can remain friends.
  • Ilias: I don’t know if I want that.
  • Ryn: Of course you want that, you idiot! She’s kind, she’s fun, she’s able to cast a Sphere of Complete Protection around you. How can you not want to be her friend?!
  • Ryn: Now go over and have fun!
  • Ilias: All right, all right.
  • Lilith: Hi, Ilias, do you want to see my new magic trick?
  • Alissa: You’ve got to see it!
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