The Red Hall 038

  • Ryn: What’s going on here?
  • Alissa: Sandril and Ilias are arguing over whose job will be the most exciting one.
  • Ryn: Oh, that’ll be mine. Since I, you see, will become king!
  • Sandril: No, Ryn, you won’t.
  • Ryn: Of course I will! It’s my destiny!
  • Lilith: Ha ha, can you imagine Ryn being king?
  • Ilias: “I’m afraid we can’t invade Golnar, your majesty.” “Why not, Sir?” “Golnar already belongs to Cania, we invaded it last year.” “Oh yeah, right, I forgot.”
  • Ryn: Not funny!
  • Ilias: What about you, Lili? What are you going to do?
  • Lilith: I’ll tell you later.
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