Shadowdancers 003

  • Ilias: What about my other friends?
  • Theres Oter: Zoltan’s alright too. He’s gone back to his parents in Cheysh. But Aaret–
  • Ilias: That’s–
  • Ilias: But I’m glad that all the others made it.
  • Ilias: Over the next few days, I still felt very weak and slept most of the time. But by the beginning of the second week, even my headache was getting better.
  • Ilias: I soon learned about the significance of the event. There was probably not a single newspaper on Gaia that didn’t report about the “Red Hall Attack” on page 1. Before vanishing as suddenly as they appeared, the attackers killed a dozen teachers and just as many students.
  • Ilias: It was never my intention to become part of the world news.
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