Shadowdancers 004

  • Caption: A couple of days later.
  • Theres Oter: Don’t you want to take a break?
  • Ilias: No, I’m fine.
  • Ilias: … I still can’t believe the attackers used a mass teleport spell to get into the academy.
  • Theres Oter: Is that a very difficult spell?
  • Ilias: “Very difficult” doesn’t even come close. Until then, a mass teleport had only been cast once in the history of Gaia… when Isaac and Llyra teleported Arathor’s group out of Mithra.
  • Theres Oter: Will you go to the trial tomorrow?
  • Ilias: Of course I will!
  • Alrik Oter: Thank Gaia that your tutors caught at least two of these bastards. Throw them right into the Void, I say!
  • Ilias: Yeah, Faye and Entin are up to snuff.
  • Ilias: There’s rumors that they blew the whistle on the masterminds of the attack.
  • Alrik Oter: Very good!
  • Alrik Oter: Do you think the sleazy king of Midgard has a hand in this?
  • Ilias: Who else?
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