Shadowdancers 006

  • Ilias: Every creature has a small bit of Gaia in its heart. When a creature dies, its spirit returns to a place inside Gaia that we call the Source.
  • Ilias: The energy of the planet is called Bluestream. The Bluestream flows through the whole planet, even creatures and plants.
  • Ilias: All creatures with a spirit can use the Bluestream to alter the planet. But only wise wizards that are very close to Gaia can cast powerful spells.
  • Ilias: But there is also the Redstream, the negative energy of Bhaal. Bhaal’s shadow creatures are connected to the Redstream. They do not have a spirit like normal creatures.
  • Ilias: Evil wizards can use the Redstream to cast special spells. For example spells that manipulate or destroy the spirit of a creature.
  • Ilias: At the end of the First Age, Gaia was a beautiful place. But Bhaal was becoming stronger and stronger inside Gaia, too.
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