Shadowdancers 007

  • Ilias: Secretly, Bhaal created tens of thousands of shadow creatures and the six demons.
  • Ilias: Asmodeus was the most powerful of the demons. His symbol was the Black Disc.
  • Ilias: The War of Light and Darkness started when Bhaal’s troops invaded the Dalelands. They came through the Void. That’s a channel that connects Bhaal’s realm with the surface of Gaia.
  • Ilias: Wherever the shadow creatures went, they destroyed all life and poisoned the land. Except for the most powerful fighters and wizards, no one could stand against them in battle.
  • Ilias: Gaia’s army was led by Arathor and his friends Larindor and Bilbur. They became heroes when they brought the citizens of the magnificent city of Mithra to safety before its destruction.
  • Ilias: Gaia realized that no one could stop the shadow creatures. To save her creation, Gaia forged a large crystal out of her spirit and gave it to the heroes.
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