Shadowdancers 011

Have you already read the news entry about the Gaia fanart contest 2012 (with prize money)?

  • Alissa: Sometimes nobody can prevent bad things from happening, Lili. Each and every one of us was surprised and didn’t know what to do.
  • Lilith: I know… but yet I feel like I’ve… …… failed. Just when it really mattered.
  • Alissa: It’s okay, Lili.
  • Alissa: You must leave this darkness for once. Sandril misses you; everybody misses you.
  • Lilith: Alright … let’s meet in the park before the trial tomorrow.
  • Alissa: At the usual place?
  • Lilith: At the usual place.
  • Alissa: Bring some waffles!
  • Lilith: Haha, I will.
  • City guard: The other woman has left the building.
  • Commander: Go, get ’er!!
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