Shadowdancers 015

  • Ilias: The trial went badly from the start.
  • Ilias: The assassins told that they received their orders from a member of the Royal Guard of Midgard. Not that I didn’t believe them…
  • Ilias: … But they were oddly relaxed during the interrogation.
  • Ilias: The assassins accused Lili of being their contact person in the Academy. They claimed that Lili gave them a detailed plan of the Red Hall.
  • Ilias: After that, the chief of the city guard presented a contract they “found” in Lili’s house. The contract gave her a promotion to the first circle of Midgard’s Royal Guard in exchange for her service.
  • Ilias: That’s when I realized that Lili was standing in the eye of a dark storm that was going to sweep across Cania.
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