Shadowdancers 016

In the original script for the computer game, the dialog for the trial was several Word pages long. I’m pretty proud that I was able to shorten it to just two comic pages without losing essential information.

  • Ilias: Were the city guard part of the conspiracy? Or were they victims of it as well, fooled by masterfully forged documents?
  • Ilias: But that was apparently not yet enough evidence. He, she, it, they wanted to be completely sure.
  • Ilias: Vernon told the judge that he saw Lili casting strange spells in the Red Hall on the day before the attack.
  • Ilias: Just two months ago I helped this liar with his homework in natural sciences.
  • Ilias: For their “cooperation”, the assassins were sentenced to lifelong hard labor. Lili, in contrast, to death.
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