Shadowdancers 019

  • Alissa: Freeing Lili??
  • Ilias: It wouldn’t be the first prison escape. And we’ve two weeks to prepare everything.
  • Ryn: Lili’s in the high-security wing for wizards!
  • Ilias: I know. It’s not going to be easy. We could use a little help.
  • Ryn: You mean, like, from a small army of red dragons?
  • Ilias: Actually, I was thinking of the Shadowdancers.
  • Ryn: The Shadowdancers??! Yeah, I’m sure a thieves’ guild would be thrilled about the idea of breaking into the state prison.
  • Sandril: Count me in!
  • Sandril: I’d rather die than not do everything I can to save Lili if the verdict won’t be revoked.
  • Ryn: Don’t worry. If they catch you – which they will – you’ll “only” be locked behind bars for 20 years.
  • Sandril: Well, she’s not your girlfriend.
  • Ryn: HEY, I didn’t say that I don’t want to help Lili! Just that it’s a stupid idea.
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