Shadowdancers 020

  • Alissa: So, what does your plan look like?
  • Ilias: I don’t have much of one yet, actually.
  • Ryn: First point of the plan! An answer to the question: “Why should the Shadowdancers help us?”
  • Ilias: Maybe if we offer them something they really, really want.
  • Alissa: I might know something…
  • Ryn: Okay…
  • Ryn: … If you actually manage to convince the Shadowdancers, I’ll try to help you as well. As long as it’s nothing that would draw the city guard’s attention to me.
  • Ilias: Great.
  • Ilias: First we have to find one of them, though.
  • Alissa: Hmm, we could ask around in “Llyra’s Keg of Plenty”.
  • Sandril: Shall I come along?
  • Alissa: I don’t think that’s a good idea, son of Zachary Saretro.
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