Shadowdancers 023

  • Alissa: We’re not looking for information about dungeons…. this time. We’d rather like to know if you know something about the Shadowdancers.
  • Innkeeper: The Shadowdancers? I’ll tell you something about the Shadowdancers!
  • Ilias: Uhmm… …good?
  • Innkeeper: The Shadowdancers are scum! While hard-working men like myself have to pinch kreutzers, these crooks lead an easy life!
  • Innkeeper: What do you want from them?!
  • Ilias: It… uhm… looks like they think that just stealing stuff isn’t profitable enough anymore.
  • Ilias: They’re even involved in kidnappings now!
  • Innkeeper: SCUM, I say!
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