Shadowdancers 028

  • Ilias: That was just a trick to make the innkeeper talk!
  • Viviana: Who are you and what do you really want?
  • Ilias: We’re Alissa Itoriel and Ilias Oter and we want to make a deal with the Shadowdancers.
  • Viviana: A deal?
  • Ilias: Yes. Are you a member of the Shadowdancers?
  • Viviana: No. But I can tell you where to find one. For adequate payment, of course.
  • Ilias: What kind of payment?
  • Viviana: You see, I’m always looking for new pieces for my collection of oddly enchanted crystals.
  • Ilias: Expensive hobby for a shoemaker…
  • Viviana: Cutters like you are certainly not short on crystals. So what’s one more or less?
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