Shadowdancers 029

  • Ilias: …. Hmm, what about “Dancing Lights”?
  • Viviana: Bleh.
  • Ilias: “Rainbow flame”?
  • Viviana: Nah, that spell’s way too hard to control.
  • Ilias: “Blowblack?”
  • Viviana: That sounds funny. What does the spell do?
  • Ilias: This.
  • Viviana: Neat. If you give me the crystal, I’ll give you the address of one of their secret hideouts. If you wait there long enough, you’ll cross paths with a Shadowdancer sooner or later.
  • Ilias: Deal.
  • Caption: One deal later
  • Alissa: I have a semi-bad feeling about this.
  • Ilias: At least we’re armed.
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