Shadowdancers 042

  • Viviana: It’s not exactly a secret that we’re after the Avaril. But how could you help us?
  • Alissa: The Baltors are old friends of my family. Seramis’ nephew Janos told me of the Shadowdancers’ futile endeavors to steal the Avaril.
  • Alissa: Janos wants to marry me. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get ahold of the Avaril somehow.
  • Viviana: Sounds like true love…
  • Viviana: Lilith Caillean, why would you risk so much for her…?
  • Alissa: She’d do the same for each of us. She has Llyra’s heart and Arathor’s courage.
  • Ilias: She’s just a scapegoat for minister Garrot and his incompetent minions.
  • Viviana: I… see.
  • Viviana: While I appreciate your offer, breaking into Cania’s state prison is just too dangerous. And the Avaril isn’t even what I want the most.
  • Ilias: What do you want the most, then?
  • Viviana: Justice for a crime.
  • Ilias: That’s an unusual wish for a thief.
  • Viviana: Don’t leave the city.
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