Shadowdancers 056

  • Alissa: The Shadowdancers will help us?!
  • Viviana: Yes, under two conditions. First, you must help us to steal the Avaril. And secondly, Lilith must break a magic lock for us. No matter how long it takes her.
  • Alissa: Of course we’ll help you; this is… wonderful! But how were you able to persuade the others?
  • Viviana: The Shadowdancers will do anything I ask them to.
  • Alissa: Really? Why?
  • Viviana: I’m their leader. My name’s Viviana, by the way.
  • Alissa: Dear Gaia, you’re their leader!? And we behaved so stupidly!
  • Viviana: I’ve seen worse contact attempts. But only from the city guard.
  • Viviana: The guy you were with.
  • Alissa: Ilias, yes?
  • Viviana: Tell him I’ll wait for him in front of the bakery on Spring Street at 11 o’ clock. I want to talk with him at our headquarters.
  • Arrow: Deactivated alarm.
  • Viviana: I’ll take this as down payment for our services.
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