Shadowdancers 060

Shadowdancers 060

I just love Viviana in panel 1.

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  • Ilias: Why… why did you do that?
  • Viviana: So that you don’t break into a thousand pieces when you walk through the portal to our hideout.
  • Ilias: Portal to your hideout?
  • Viviana: The city guard may be incompetent, but if our hideout were simply in a building in Spring Street, they would have found it a long time ago.
  • Ilias: You could have warned me, at least!
  • Viviana: That was the just punishment for spreading false rumors about the Shadowdancers.
  • Viviana: Are you ready for the teleportation?
  • Ilias: I don’t think so.
  • Ilias: What exactly was that horrible stuff you gave me?
  • Viviana: Some sort of magic transmitter liquid.
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