Shadowdancers 061

  • Ilias: “Some sort of magic transmitter liquid…?” How awfully specific.
  • Viviana: I don’t exactly know either, okay?
  • Ilias: You DON’T even know what it is!?
  • Viviana: I know enough not to give anyone a lethal dosage by mistake.
  • Ilias: You don’t know what it is, AND it’s potentially lethal!?
  • Viviana: No need to worry. Even Suro recovered from his overdose after a month.
  • Ilias: I hope I survive your help.
  • Viviana: You will. Now come along.
  • Ilias: I’ll tell my friends to never follow you into your hideout unless their life depends on it.
  • Viviana: I didn’t intend to invite them anyway.
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